Why Work at Sky New York Realty LLC?

You can be an office leasing specialist at many commercial brokerage firms in New York City, so you want to know why we stand out. First of all, we want to give you autonomy while at the same time expecting the cornerstones of what makes a successful agent in this industry: responsiveness, punctuality, honesty and proper presentation.

Do you like working for yourself — setting your own goals and forming your own strategies to achieve those goals? If so, working at Sky New York Realty LLC could be a wonderful career move on your part.

Yes, we provide a lot of freedom, but we also know the value of supporting you when you need it. That’s why we offer one-on-one training and support, in addition to a host of resources. Boosting your success with the ideal support is our goal.

Are you looking for a new opportunity after years of experience in real estate, or are you interested in hitting the ground running with some on-the-job training?

Contact us now to discuss a career with Sky New York Realty LLC.

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    Contact Number:   212-335-0194

      Contact Number:   212-335-0194