Get More Out of Less Office Space

Do you have too much office and need to consolidate? We can help you get more out of less space. Finding the right space can be a challenge, which is where our expert knowledge of the NYC office real estate market comes into play.

Office space has increased in popularity since 2012, which is a great sign for the economy. Instead of signing short-term leases due to uncertainty, businesses are planning for the future by getting all of their employees under one roof.

How We Help

We have more access to listings, being real estate professionals, which means you have more options. We help you bring all of your branch locations, for example, together under one roof to maximize efficiency and cut costs.

Landlord Information Only We Can Access

The information we have access to provides answers to all your questions about landlords, including those listed below. Remember, the NYC market is in the favor of the landlord, so you need all the help you can get as a tenant.

● Which landlords provide the best build-outs?
● Which landlords manage their buildings most responsibly?
● Which landlords require the highest, or lowest, security deposit?
● Which landlords are the most accommodating to startups?
● Which landlords place clauses in leases that harm tenants?
● Which landlords accept short-term leases?
● Which landlords let tenants move in over the course of a lease?

    Contact Number:   212-335-0194

      Contact Number:   212-335-0194

        Contact Number:   212-335-0194