We Fight For Your Interests

Your business deserves the best office lease deal possible. We are able to provide that to you by fighting for your interests during every negotiation of your leasing contract.

However, we can’t fight for your interests until we know intimately what those interests are. The needs of your business are unique and we actually take the time to learn about them in detail in order to secure the greatest chance for success.

Get More From Your Negotiation

We craft the most ideal negotiation strategy for your particular situation, then illustrate how to implement it. Finally, while your negations are taking place, we suggest seizing emerging better opportunities as they become available.

Our Services Are Free

New York City commercial real estate is always a competitive landscape, so you need to use all available resources including office leasing specialists. Fortunately, in NYC landlords generally pay tenant representation fees.

We Choose Clients Carefully

We want to work with people who are the best fit because that way we get the best results possible. That’s why we’re so selective when it comes to choosing with whom we work.

    Contact Number:   212-335-0194

      Contact Number:   212-335-0194

        Contact Number:   212-335-0194