NYC Office Space in Midtown Manhattan

As the name suggests, Midtown Manhattan is located in the middle of the borough of Manhattan. This central portion of Manhattan begins along West 59th Street and continues all the way until West 14th Street. Additionally, it stretches from the East River to the Hudson River. This one large neighborhood encompasses various smaller neighborhoods within it.

If you’re looking to rent Midtown NYC office space, keep in mind that because of the size of the neighborhood, not all spaces are alike. In order to find the best subsection of Midtown Manhattan for you, you must identify where your business will best fit in. For example, a company like Apple benefits most from a location in Chelsea, while Macy’s works great in Midtown itself. Once this is done, have patience; Midtown is a very desirable location for real estate, so competition is likely. Stay patient, and make sure you know everything about the area before you make your decision.

Midtown Manhattan Neighborhood History

Midtown Manhattan is considered one of the most historically significant neighborhoods in all of Manhattan. It’s hard to imagine how in early times, this land area was covered by both trees and farmland. In the early 1800s, the land officially became considered Midtown Manhattan due to the development of a grid plan across the land. Soon after, Bryant Park and the New York Public Library were established.
As time passed, more and more features began to pop up across Midtown. Such places included Carnegie Hall, the Flatiron Building, and The Players Club. All of these locations are now considered key spots in Manhattan.
It was not until the Industrial Revolution, though, that Midtown Manhattan started booming. People started desiring bigger and better things, so buildings like skyscrapers and structures like railroads began to emerge. To this day, the erupted places like the Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, and the Empire State Building are still widely recognized.

Modern Day Midtown

Midtown Manhattan has changed significantly since the initial colonization of New York. Instead of a population of just 22,000 people in 1840, this number has nearly grown 15 times. Today, just about 300,000 people are found in Midtown Manhattan. With so many people, it’s undoubtedly grown to support such a size. Instead of trees and forestland covering large portions of the city, skyscrapers and roads have overtaken the natural land. Places like Manhattan Mall, Rockefeller Center, Columbus Circle, and the Javits Center came in its place.
Midtown Manhattan office space and retail sites along the streets of central Manhattan are common. This is because the area is highly accessible with the various trains and buses available, and the neighborhood is highly developed. Additionally, Midtown must support the sheer number of tourists that visit the area each and every year. Because there are a
substantial number of tourist attractions here, including Times Square and Radio City Music Hall, it is one of the most popular travel destinations in NYC. Ultimately, Manhattan has changed significantly since early times, and now modern-day companies take advantage of the Midtown offices available.

Top Office Space for Rent in Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan is one of the most ideal places in Manhattan to start a company due to its notoriety and beneficial area. As it’s centrally located, there’s always a way to travel here, and plenty of tourists access the area yearly. This makes for easy accessibility and greater recognition by a wide group of people. When considering what Midtown Manhattan office space to lease, it’s best to look out for things that each building or site can offer you. Is there a lobby area? Is transportation close by? Are you looking for shared office space in NYC’s Midtown Manhattan? Focus on what features are important for you and keep an eye on those. Because it can be difficult to find great places to rent in Midtown, we’ve compiled a few below.

20 W 20th Street

For a small Midtown office space, 20 W 20th Street is a great option. Constructed in 1915 this building’s rustic feel is sure to entice you. There is a total of 150,000 square feet, but this is split up into 11 different floors and includes a large attended lobby. Regarding the space itself, there are multiple private offices available, which is great for workspace. In addition to this, the area is newly renovated and comes with established furniture. In terms of location, it’s site in the Flatiron District means you’ll be close to public transportation. The 4, 5, 6, Q, R, and W trains are nearby, as are buses and Path lines. With an ideal central location, 20 W 20th Street is perfect for a small or starter business.

230 W 39th Street

Located within the Garment District, 230 W 39th Street is a high-end and beautiful site for Midtown commercial real estate. Though the building was built in 1926, it was recently renovated to look as modern as possible. Now, this 60,000 square foot building, split across 16 floors, is highly demanded. The office space itself is large and open with polished concrete floors. High ceilings and natural light from three sides of windows make this office space very open and welcoming. The Garment District is a well-known area of Central Manhattan, thus plenty of transportation is nearby. Nearly every train line you can think of, including the 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, D, E, and more are within walking distance. This makes it great for both clients and employees, as there should never be an issue with the commute. The beautifully constructed 230 W 39th Street is a prime location for office space for rent in Midtown Manhattan.

Lease an Office in Midtown Manhattan

Leasing office space in Midtown Manhattan is a great idea for both growing and pre-established businesses. The neighborhood’s central location makes it perfect for transportation, increased recognition, and both beautiful and practical office space.
If you’re ready to begin the search for Midtown office space for rent in central Manhattan, be ready to act fast; space here is highly desirable and doesn’t stay on the market too long. Make sure to recognize the best deal for you by noting what each place can offer you compared to its cost. If you’re looking around for Midtown commercial real estate for rent, your business is sure to benefit just from being in the area of Midtown Manhattan.

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      Contact Number:   212-335-0194