Don't Let Relocation Interrupt Your Business

Relocation is complex. Just moving all your furniture and equipment is a huge hurdle. Sometimes, even after you set up your office elsewhere, your systems simply do not operate correctly. You have to tweak and adapt. This stress, however, does not have to be compounded by other elements of your move. Focus on getting your business back in optimal shape — we’ll do the rest. Are you relocating the offices of your business? You need to make a smooth transition and Sky New York Realty is ready to help.

How We Help

We help you find the perfect office space for your relocation. It needs to be ready to go so you can simply set up and get back to maximum efficiency. We use all our resources to find the best potential relocation spots in NYC.

Landlord Information Only We Can Access

The information we have access to provides answers to all your questions about landlords, including those listed below. Remember, the NYC market is in the favor of the landlord, so you need all the help you can get as a tenant.

Which landlords provide the best build-outs?

Which landlords manage their buildings most responsibly?

Which landlords require the highest, or lowest, security deposit?

Which landlords are the most accommodating to startups?

Which landlords place clauses in leases that harm tenants?

Which landlords accept short-term leases?

Which landlords let tenants move in over the course of a lease?

    Contact Number:   212-335-0194

      Contact Number:   212-335-0194

        Contact Number:   212-335-0194