Do You Need to Find A Subtenant For Your Office?

We are ready to help you find your subtenant as quickly as possible. Our strategy involves making your office space incredibly visible so you reach the greatest amount of potential subtenants in the least amount of time.

Start Benefiting From Subleasing Sooner

With our help you can offset your overhead sooner, leading to greater savings for your business. Subleasing is actually a smart move because when you need to expand you can do so without relocating. Or, if you need to move but still have time on your lease, subleasing is a great solution … if you can find a replacement tenant soon enough. With our connections, you can.

How We Help

We evaluate your space and, if you are subleasing your entire space, provide comparables so you can best price your space. We’ll help you create a strategy based on your limitations. These might be imposed and the landlord or the marketing of your space. Office leasing specialists help you find solutions to your subleasing problem that you probably never considered. It’s possible your landlord might just want the property returned, or that he or she will extend the lease for the subtenants, both scenarios which make your job easier.

Subleasing the Correct Way

We don’t just want to help our clients, we want to educate them so that their goals are realistic. When the office leasing specialist and the client are in sync, they can work together following all the principles below and others to achieve success.

● Qualified subtenants only
● Visibility of space optimized
● Marketing at the correct price
● Adherence to comparables and market conditions
● All parties understand landlord’s consent process
● Immediate replies to all inquiries

    Contact Number:   212-335-0194

      Contact Number:   212-335-0194

        Contact Number:   212-335-0194