Lenox Hill, Upper East Side Medical space, Office Space

950 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor - Suite 800A

Medical space, Office Space

Lenox Hill, Upper East Side Medical space, Office Space

4,324 Sq. Ft.

1st Floor- Suite 800B

Medical space, Office Space

Lenox Hill, Upper East Side Medical space

2,700 Sq. Ft.

Ground Floor

Medical space

Upper West Side Medical space, Office Space

2,419 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor

Medical space, Office Space

Manhattan Valley, Upper West Side Medical space, Office Space

14,290 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor

Medical space, Office Space

Colombus Circle, Midtown East Medical space, Office Space

1,366 Sq. Ft.

12th Floor - Suite 1201

Medical space, Office Space

Colombus Circle, Midtown East Medical space, Office Space

1,140 Sq. Ft.

12th Floor - Suite 1203

Medical space, Office Space

Colombus Circle, Midtown East, Rockefeller Center, Theater District Medical space, Office Space

770 Sq. Ft.

9th Floor - Suite 904

Medical space, Office Space

Colombus Circle, Midtown East, Rockefeller Center, Theater District Medical space, Office Space

2,471 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor - Suite 202

Medical space, Office Space

Medical Office Space for Lease in NYC

New York City is home to world renowned medical institutions which train doctors and other medical professionals in their careers. Some schools include but are not limited to NYU Langone School of Medicine, Columbia University Vagelos College for Physicians and Surgeons, and the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. With these well-known colleges being located in Manhattan, it’s clear to see why medical doctors gravitate towards New York City to open their practices.
When you’re looking for medical office space for rent in NYC, it’s important to recognize that some neighborhoods within the borough are more equipped to handle medical office space than others. This means that these neighborhoods are more accessible than others, and they’re known for their proximity to other medical practices. The better the neighborhood your medical office space is in, the more patients and recognition you’ll receive. Keep your eyes out for top medical space for rent in NYC and the most popular neighborhoods to do so in Manhattan, which you’ll find below.

Top Medical Office Space for Rent in NYC

There is plenty of office space in NYC that can support a medical professional. The distinction between traditional office spaces and medical space is the amount of space available, accessibility, and the potential for construction improvement if necessary. Below, you’ll find top medical office space in New York.

635 Madison Avenue

Located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, 635 Madison Avenue is an ideal medical space available in Manhattan. If you’re looking for an already established place that doesn’t require any construction and improvements, this space is perfect. It already contains a full operating room, multiple private treatment rooms, various consultation rooms, and a reception area. There are multiple floors and rooms available for lease, as the building itself has 19 floors and a total square footage of over 175,000 square feet. Though the building was built in 1958, it was renovated and reconstructed in 1997, thus it has a more modernized feel than many other medical spaces have. Here, renters will enjoy a lobby attendant and onsite security. For your patients, they’re sure to appreciate the abundance of public transportation in the area. Train lines like the N, Q, R, 4, 5, 6, E, M, and F are all close by. For an already established medical office space for lease in NYC, 635 Madison Avenue is a great choice.

28 E 60th Street

The Upper East Side’s 28 E 60th Street has a lot of potential for a medical professional looking to renovate a preexisting and empty office space to call their own practice. This building space is a luxury doorman building, so each time your patients enter they’ll be greeted by a happy face which is sure to attract them to your practice. As mentioned previously, a renter must be willing to build out this space themselves, as it is essentially currently gutted. This may not be an ideal choice for some, but for a more established practice looking to upsize or move somewhere
where they can control their practices’ environment, it’s perfect. The total office space available is just over 7,000 square feet, but this is split up into multiple offices for rent. This means you can choose the amount of space you desire. Regarding its accessibility, 28 E 60th Street is on a prime plot of land on the East Side between Park and Madison Avenues. This means transportation is nearby; the R, W, F, M, Q, and E trains are just a few minutes away from the entrance. Those looking to build up their own practice space should consider the highly customizable 28 E 60th Street in Manhattan.

18 E 48th Street

A top medical office for rent in NYC is found at 18 E 48th Street. Compared to the other rentals in the area, it surely stands out above the rest. Built in 1928, the rustic yet modernized feel due to construction updates attracts both medical professionals and patients. The building itself is about 100,000 square feet spread over 22 different floors. The ground floor is a marbled lobby with various elevators and there are lobby attendants working there 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Available lots have multiple exam rooms with built-in sinks, lab areas, waiting areas, and closets. This is perfect for a medical office since these rooms are necessary for optimal performance. The tenant-operated air conditioning and large, operable windows, your patients will be satisfied with the professional feel of the lot. Patients will also appreciate substantial nearby transportation. Plenty of buses are in the area, as well as the 4, 5, 6, 7, B, D, F, M, and S train lines. 18 E 48th Street is a beautiful medical office space in NYC, perfect for both growing and established practices.

Popular Neighborhoods for Medical Offices in Manhattan

Manhattan is split up into just over 50 neighborhoods. Similar to a borough, each neighborhood has its own characteristics. This makes some areas more notorious than others for medical office space. Below, you’ll find two of the most popular neighborhoods for medical office space in Manhattan.

Upper East Side

On the East side of Central Park is the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This area is a more high-end residential area known for its wealthy population. Brownstones and high rises are here, as well as familiar cultural institutions like the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Because the area attracts people from far and wide, it is quite accessible. This makes a great area for medical office space for rent in Manhattan. Offices like The Spine and Pain Institute of New York and Advantage Care Physicians are in this area. The Upper East Side is an ideal and recognizable location to open a medical office in Manhattan.

Midtown East

Similar to the Upper East Side, Midtown East is a well-known neighborhood within the borough of Manhattan. Generally, the more recognizable the area, the easier it’ll be for your patients to access. This is because there is an increased notoriety with a neighborhood if more transportation is available, as more people are able to access the location. Specifically, Midtown East is home to plenty of medical office buildings including Midtown New York Doctors Urgent Care and Grand Central Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Midtown East,
due to its familiarity with potential patients, is an ideal neighborhood for medical space in Manhattan.

Rent Medical Office Space in NYC

New York City is a picturesque and well-known city on the East Coast of the United States. With a dense population, plenty of people in the city understandably need medical care. Because of this, NYC, especially Manhattan, is a great area for medical offices.
When looking for the best medical office space for you, keep your patients in mind. If you already have an established patient base, recognize the way that allows them to access you easily. If you’re a growing medical business, consider nearby transportation and recognizability of the neighborhood you’re interested in. The more refined the neighborhood, the more credible your medical practice will feel. New York medical offices for lease are abundant, so if you keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities, you’ll find the best lot for you.