Downtown Manhattan, Greenwich Village, NoHo Office Space

8,750 Sq. Ft.

7th Floor

Office Space

Downtown Manhattan, Greenwich Village, NoHo Office Space, Retail Space

10,600 Sq. Ft.

3rd Floor

Office Space, Retail Space

Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan Office Space

2,550 Sq. Ft.

4th Floor Suite 401

Office Space

Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan Office Space

2,499 Sq. Ft.

4th Floor Suite 403

Office Space

Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan Office Space

2,835 Sq. Ft.

4th Floor Suite 404

Office Space

Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan Office Space

2,773 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor Suite 203

Office Space

Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan Office Space

2,084 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor Suite 204

Office Space

Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan Office Space

2,996 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor Suite 201

Office Space

Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan Office Space

3,740 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor Suite 202

Office Space

New York Office Space for Lease & Rent

New York City is an ideal location to open a business in. As one of the largest and most densely populated cities on the East Coast, there’s no doubt that it attracts both rising and established companies. In addition to its population, NYC is the classic tourist location. With plenty of historical significance, sights to see, and situations to experience, there’s never a shortage of people roaming the streets.

When deciding whether to open your office in a certain part of NYC or not, consider your clientele and prospective employees. This will help you determine the best neighborhood to move into, as some neighborhoods are more ideal and accessible for certain companies than others. For example, office spaces in Midtown Manhattan are great for retail stores like Macys and restaurants like Tuscany Steakhouse, while Lower Manhattan subsections like SoHo may be better suited for chic boutiques like ANTHOM and cafés like Café Bari. Being able to determine where exactly in New York City your company would profit and reach the most people is key to your success. Thankfully, plenty of retail and office spaces are available in NYC, so you have your pick of options! With research, you’ll be able to locate a top office rental in New York.

Small Offices for Rent

Office spaces are primarily used for companies who are looking for a place to have a business office or headquarters. Additionally, they may be used for short term office rentals for temporary location openings. Often times, finding a smaller sized office for the budding company can be difficult, as the options for an office rental in NYC are endless. Sifting through them can take a considerable amount of time, so always keep your eyes out for smaller spaces that may suit your smaller business’ demand.

Though they may be difficult to find at first, a small office space in NYC is out there. One option is 54 West 47th Street within the Diamond District. It was officially built in 1925 but significantly renovated and remodeled in 2016, so the spaces are very modernized. The total size of this lot is 18,000 square feet and it is split up into 6 stories of office space. Rooms are move in ready with hardwood floors, tiled corridors, high speed elevators, large windows, and more. The building is wired with alarm systems on weekdays, and on weekends video cameras and security personnel monitor it. Available office space units range between 100 and 300 square feet. Accessing the building is easy, too; it’s just a half mile away from Grand Central Station, and under a ten-minute walk from the 7, N, R, B, D, F, and M trains. Thus, 57 W 47th Street is a top location for smaller office spaces in NYC.

Another option for optimal small office space for rent in NYC is 145 Avenue of the Americas. Located in SoHo, this prime location is sure to be both easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing for those that desire it to be. This office space was built in 1910, and the interior of the space has a rustic charm to it. Hardwood floors, large windows, and modernized and minimalistic features make this space hard to pass up. The total building size is quite large at just over 60,000 square feet, but each available unit ranges anywhere from 200 to 500 square feet. Equipped with an elevator, AC units, and a fully furnished kitchen, you can’t go wrong with this office space. For those who desire an aesthetic and soothing environment, there’s an outdoor terrace space. One great asset about renting office space from this building is the daily cleaning service offered, as well as the doorman and mail handling that comes with the space. Under a half mile away are plenty of transportation options; the A, C, E, 1, 2, N, and R trains are accessible. 145 Avenue of the Americas is a prime location for small office space for those looking to get into a profitable neighborhood of New York City. Small office spaces are easily findable with the proper time and resources.

Rent Executive Suites NYC

Some of the best office space for lease in NYC are executive suites. They are seen as a more long term investment, as they are on the higher end of office rentals available. Keep in mind that larger and more professional office spaces are available for a greater price point. Demand for these are also increased, as most executive suites come with plenty of amenities, furnishings, and add-ons. Executive suites are best for more developed businesses who have a consistent stream of profit. This ensures the company will always be able to afford and maintain such an environment. Some executive suites are more popular and demanded than others, so it’s important to move fast when it comes to these locations.

One top executive office space in New York is 575 Fifth Avenue. Built in 1984, this very modernized NYC building is great for highly established businesses. At a whopping total building size of just under 515,000 square feet, there is plenty of office space to go around. Each unit typically ranges anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 square feet, making it easily customizable for your specific needs. The building’s atrium alone is equal to about 55,000 square feet across four levels and contains retail space. Above these are office tenant spaces available. Most units are fully furnished and have granite floors, marble walls, digital media banners, and high ceiling. In addition to the impeccable office spaces, building-wide amenities include a bicycle storage room, a conference center, game room equipped with billiards tables, and a full pantry. Accessibility is high, too, as it’s situated under a half mile form Grand Central Terminal and the B, D, F, M, and 7 trains. For pre-established companies, 575 Fifth Avenue is a luxurious option.

A second well-known executive office space in Manhattan is found at 733 Third Avenue. This building was built in 1961 with just about a total of 445,000 square feet. Renovations in 2005 included elevators and a new lobby area, thus making the space feel more modern than previously. One great aspect of this building is its energy efficiency. In 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2017, the building was awarded an Energy Star label for how efficiently it operated. Units here range in size, but on average you can find space between 2,000 and 8,000 square feet. For those who enjoy a little outdoor relaxation space, the rooftop is equipped with a green roof; these are patio spaces surrounded by plants with tables and chairs for break periods. Having an office space here is helpful, as transportation is nearby – Grand Central Terminal and the 4, 5, 6, 7, and S trains are in close proximity. Hence, 733 Third Avenue is a highly sought out location for executive suites in NYC.

Executive suites may be difficult to come by, as they are quite competitive places to rent in New York City. To rent executive suites in NYC, be sure to keep your awareness high and always be on the lookout for a great deal.

Popular Neighborhoods to Rent Office Space

Finding the best and most suitable office space for your company in New York City solely depends on entering an ideal neighborhood that coincides with the values your company holds. Being close to transportation and high areas of awareness are important for both growth and employee accessibility, too. In terms of an office space rental in NYC, some neighborhoods stand out above the rest.

Midtown Manhattan

As its name suggests, Midtown Manhattan is located in the middle of the borough of Manhattan. This large area consists of many smaller neighborhoods including the infamous Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, and the Flatiron District. Within the overarching neighborhood, there’ll never be a shortage of pedestrians, ultimately making for high brand awareness capabilities. Additionally, its centralized location makes it great for employees who must commute from both short and far distances. It costs an average of $80 per square foot to throughout Midtown Manhattan, making it pricier than the average cost to rent office in NYC. Regardless of this, the price is worth the notoriety and accessibility the area provides workers. Some businesses that take advantage of Midtown Manhattan’s ideal location include Tory Burch, Corporate Suites, and Mangia. Midtown Manhattan is a highly sought-after place to find an office for rent in NYC.


SoHo is widely considered one of the most high-end and fashionable neighborhoods in New York City. Its acronym stands for South of Houston Street due to its said proximity. Both retail and office spaces are common here, as the aesthetic environment of the area attracts people of all kinds. Compared to another potential office lease in NYC, the fancy atmosphere of SoHo makes it more difficult to secure a rental due to the consistent competition. Majority of buildings are either newly renovated and contemporary or appeal to the older aesthetic vibe of the area. In SoHo, various forms of transportation are accessible, but the E, N, Q, and R trains are most common. At an average of $76 per square foot, office space in SoHo can be a great deal if you come across the right place. SoHo was the right place for Bobbi Brown and MAC. Those looking to open a workplace in New York City should consider SoHo because of its prime real estate location.

Financial District

The Financial District is located on the southernmost tip of Manhattan. Here, plenty of corporate and business offices are open and focus on professional practices. To support the amount of people in the area, restaurants and bars line the coast by the smaller neighborhood within this area, Seaport. Finding a business office space in the financial district is ideal for those working with money or stocks, as places like NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange are located here. Being close to the financial action is a great opportunity for many businesses. Some examples of companies that benefit from being in the Financial District include Fundtech and Verizon. Office locations here run an average of $58 per square foot which is just about the same average cost of all places in New York City. This means that for a competitive price, you can find office space for rent in NYC.

There are plenty of prime offices for rent in NYC; keep your eyes out and you’ll come across an ideal one for you and your business.

Trends of New York City

A trend is considered a fashion or direction that something is changing in. New York City has plenty of trends that come and go as time does. The strongest companies prevail throughout these trends and appeal to people throughout each of them, regardless of their passing. Past trends have resulted in technology and minimalism seen throughout NYC today.

Regarding future growth and trends, startup companies are popping up all over NYC. This is due to the area being densely populated; it directly relates to higher acknowledgement and spread of company names. In addition to startups, the biotechnology industry is starting to appear rapidly in the streets of New York City, as are other forms of technology. This comes soon after Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement to transform New York City into one of the largest technological capitals in the nation.

Trends in New York City are constantly changing to fit the vibe of the people that live and work in the area. To keep your business successful and profitable, stay up to date with any new trends that emerge. This will allow your company to switch gears and rise above your competitors at any moment. Doing so will help you appeal to upcoming generations.

Rent Office Space in NYC

As discussed throughout this article, New York City is one of the most ideal areas on the East Coast to start or continue a budding business in. Regardless if you’re looking for a single office as a starting location, or a larger, more established spot, there’s something for everybody here. The key to being successful in your office space is finding a prime and accessible spot that both your employees and potential customers can reach easily.

If you’re ready to rent office space in NYC, keep your eyes open and match up your business’ morals with the neighborhood that you’re interested in. Be sure to keep updated with market data and trends going on across NYC and stay confident. The best office space is out there for you! You’ll soon find the best place to rent an office in NYC. Looking for office space rental NYC? Find New York City office space for lease & rent at ✅ best landlords ✅ real photos ✅ no fees for finding space.